Nico Bonomolo

Nico Bonomolo was born in Palermo, in 1974.
After completing a law degree, he dedicates himself full time and self-taught to graphics, illustration and painting. His artworks, shown in some personal exhibitions, are in several private collections, in the permanent collection of the Museo Guttuso in Bagheria and are also part of the Archives of Contemporary Art (SACS) at the Museo Riso in Palermo.
He started to work in animation films in 2008, collaborating in cinematographic and advertising productions. He also produced four animated short films, that have been selected in many of the world’s leading film festivals, obtaining prestigious awards such as the Bruce Corwin Award at the Best Animated Short Film at the Santa Barbara Intl Film Festival, which has qualified him for the 2018 Academy Awards Nominations, the Gryphon Award and the Amnesty International Award at Giffoni Experience, an Italian Golden Globe Nomination, a Special Mention at the prestigious Nastri d’Argento, and the New Italian Cinema Award at the 55th Taormina Film Festival. He collaborated with the Locarno Film Festival by holding animation film workshops in the Locarno Kids section.
He lives and works in Bagheria.

Short films

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