Wayne is a group of talented video and media creatives aiming to give life to original and creative experiences. We produce any kind of video and visual project, from commercial to music videos, from TV show to movies or photo shooting as well.

God is in the details.

We know Internet is the present and the future. Smartphones are the new televisions, social networks are the new Hollywood and common people are the new critics. We believe in the future, as we produce web series, interactive web videos, any kind of social content and more. Always paying attention to the change. We take care of every unconventional idea, giving our best in every kind of special project we believe in. We shot an entire movie with a smartphone, we did a video mapping on a building, and so on. We think every single idea has a world inside, no matter how unusual could be.

Welcome to Wayne.


Fabrizio de Giuseppe Creative Director fabrizio.degiuseppe@waynefilm.com +393403401646
Georgia Tulli Executive Producer georgia.tulli@waynefilm.com +393384139525
Massimo Donadi Executive Producer massimo.donadi@waynefilm.com +393356048753
Pietro Ponticelli Producer pietro.ponticelli@waynefilm.com +393482656980
Postproduzione post@waynefilm.com


PRODUCTION & POST PRODUCTION Via Fara 7 - 20124 Milano - Italy
+39 02 36642044

PEC: waynesrl@pec.it